Hello world!

Hello everyone. Kia ora.  Well, hopefully soon you’ll be here. Right now there’s just me. I have started this blog for probably the same reason that many other people have started theirs- I want a better world. Cheesy but true.

Up front, I want to say I am not in the advice giving business. But maybe I am in the “asking questions” business. Whatever we talk about here, we are each responsible for the decisions we make and what happens next. I can’t accept any liability for how you use any information from this site. You need to check it out for yourself and make your call.

This blog is about behaviour, about what we’re good at, what we aren’t good at, what we’d like to do more of and how we might go about it. I am about connecting people with their story, idea or vision of how they want to be in the world or with the vision/mission and purpose of the organisation they work for. More whole people being the best they can be in whatever endeavour they are in. More honesty, more good behaviour, more results, more fun, more possibilities  more things tried, more things achieved. More us. Bigger us. Better us. Better world.

I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand. I was born and bred here. That’s Wellington harbour in the picture at the top of this blog. I know it’s not an open road. It’s a sea road! I’ve worked for many years with people as individuals, managers and leaders, as they change their behaviour to achieve a more fulfilling result, because they want to be more effective, more human. As one very humble, honest leader said when I asked him what he wanted to be more of, “I want to be a better man.”

I believe we are all born with unique skills and gifts; with perfect potential. But as soon as we are born, and from then on, our belief in these gifts, our ability to give them out is undermined as our Self is undermined. Many of us have to re-learn to believe in our Self. Maybe this rediscovery is our duty. Maybe we owe it to humanity to do a really good job of being us.

There are so many millions of blogs out there. But right now, we’re not on them. We are here.  Here,we’ll talk about behaviour, about skills and things we want to get better at and what might be in the way. We’ll comment on other people’s posts or articles. We’ll try things out and find out how they work, or not. We might even exchange respectful humour. We’re here for a reason. Shall we find out what that reason is?